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"I grew the tomato seeds after my wife couldn’t resist opening them, they grew well in this climate, and they are delicious, we have had 5 night that were below freezing and I still have tomatos growing on the vine, AMAZING!” - Kenn A.
“I like the seeds very much. I am in the preparation of prepardness when times get tough so I am not using them now. The packaging was great and the price is right. Keep up the good work." - David D.
“The seeds you sent to me were more than expected, The germination time was fast and the plants were sturdy. the tomatoes that we were blessed with were the best I have had in forty years, thank you.”- Richard F.

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Rutgers Tomato Survival Seeds
Get 150+ Rutgers Tomato survival seeds packed in a special triple-layered, re-sealable, re-usable Mylar packet. Click here to learn more.

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